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The Real School of Rock

Published March 25, 2005 in Movie News
By Bubba Craner | Image from Official Site
Rock School Young guitar God - CJ. From Rock School
We all remember Jack Black in School Of Rock, which was his first feature film where he was cast as the lead role, and for the most part, we all liked the film. But wouldn't it be cool if there really were a 'school of rock' like the one at the end of the film?

Well thanks to Paul Green, there is such a school. Established in 1999, the Philadelphia based Paul Green School of Rock focuses on molding adolescence (approximately 9 to 17 year old kids) into real rockers who appreciate their influences, and at times are appreciated by them. Green's mission is to make young kids realize their potential as musicians, provide them with an education that is second to none (in the outside-of-rock-theory world, though they do get that to), and get them performing as soon as possible so that they are able to establish a style and on-stage experience.

Paul Green's School of Rock

Releasing on June 3rd this summer is Don Argott's Documentary feature, Rock School. This film will examine the methods of Paul Green as a teacher and rocker, as well as taking an inside look at the lives of the rock students.

Rock School follows an entire season of classes, in the process establishing school founder, director, and self-proclaimed "überlord" Paul Green as one of the most complex, contradictory, and unforgettable characters in recent films. A whirling dervish of manic, pinball-machine energy, Green is at once sensitive and verbally abusive; generous-spirited and mercilessly critical. As tornado-like as his tantrum-filled teaching style can be, however, Paul's commitment to his student's goal of achieving musical greatness is never in doubt.

Paul's thorny relationship with his students is the true subject of Rock School. For while the sight of nine-year-olds performing Black Sabbath songs outfitted in full heavy metal regalia is charming, Rock School goes deeper: posing tough questions about the nature of prodigal talent and flamed-out youth. Is Paul-a failed guitar God himself-fostering his students' gifts or inhibiting them? Is he living vicariously through his students? Or using the school to fulfill the rock and roll dream of suspended adolescence?

Filmed cinéma vérité to provide an intimate portrait of this one-of-a-kind instructor and his eagerly aspiring students, Rock School reaches its climax in Bad Doberon, Germany, where the School of Rock Music honor roll is invited to perform the music of Frank Zappa. This special festival dedicated to the prog-rocker's oeuvre features Zappa legends such as Ike Willis and Napoleon Murphy-Brock. . .and the kids prove they can rock with the very best of them.

A meditation on talent and teaching, Rock School is a celebration of youthful promise and steadfast dreams. It is also a kick-ass music movie that should be played loud!

For more information, check out the films official website, and be sure to check back with us as the trailer and more information is made available.

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Bubba Craner
Sources: Image from Official Site

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