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Dwight and Jackie Boy on Sin City

Published March 22, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of Dimension
Sin City Owen and Del Toro go toe to toe in Sin City.
Beginning this Friday, the one-week countdown for Sin City will begin. We have already gotten all the trailers, clips, and other online media we can possibly get. Now, the only thing left is interviews with characters from the film.

Owen & Del Toro Talk Sin City

ComingSoon was able to catch up with Clive Owen and Benicio Del Toro and get them to say a few words about the upcoming Frank Miller graphic novel adaptation Sin City. If you have already seen the behind the scenes to Sin City, and the video interviews, you can tell that this cast is pumped for this film.

Here is a little of what Clive Owen and Benicio Del Toro had to say about their involvement with Sin City:

"I was approached by Robert," Del Toro said. "I think we met at the Vanity Fair thing and he said something really strange, like 'Don't cut your hair.' And my hair was pretty long; I go, 'OK.' Then I met him here at the Four Seasons and he showed me-he had done a trailer of the opening sequence of the movie and it just looked amazing. I wasn't familiar with the books; I was familiar with Frank's work in Batman and stuff and since then, my preparation was really talking to the Wizard - he got that nickname, I gave (Robert) that nickname…We just walked in and everything was green and I had seen how it looked already cause he had shown me the beginning of the movie, the opening sequence. It was like being in the office of the Wizard of Oz."

Frank Miller was greatly involved in directing the film and Owen enjoyed working with him. "Having Frank there was absolutely essential for everything. He's the god that conjured up this sort of crazy world. I saw the film yesterday for the first time, and I have to say I think this guy is a genius. I was blown away by it. It's that world. I felt at the end of the movie like I'd been taken to some extraordinary place I'd never been before, and I think Frank's vision and world is that, and this guy has just gone and created it on film."

For the entire discussion, go to ComingSoon.Net.

For trailers, clips, stills, and a synopsis, go to the Sin City Movie Page.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of Dimension

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