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Affleck in Die Hard 4

Published March 21, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Touchstone
Armageddon Will Affleck and Willis team up for a second round?
According to the Shirley Oracle, a paper that has been 'Serving the town of Shirley since 1896', Ben Affleck is ready to jump back into big blockbuster films. So, where does he plan to start?

Affleck Teams with Willis

While there is nothing official yet, the Shirley Oracle had this to say about Ben Affleck:

Word is Affleck is in final talks to join Bruce Willis in the $130M blockbuster Die Hard 4. Willis, who reprises his role as singlette- adorned law-man John McClane in the film, has been beseeching for a project to work with now good friend Affleck, whom he co-starred with in 1998's Armageddon with, for several years - initially suggesting him for Tears of the Sun.

Now, I'm not the biggest Affleck fan on the block, but I do have to admit that I enjoyed his role in Armageddon and thought he was a perfect compilation to Bruce Willis. I guess these two guys thought the same thing, and when Willis was asked for suggestions for Die Hard 4, it is said that he mentioned none other than Ben Affleck to play the role of his son. I am trying to think back, and can only remember a daughter [played by Taylor Fry] in the previous Die Hard films.

However, movie magic can create movie conception, which may occur for this one. Or, I may just be wrong and we did get to see a son during one of the Die Hard films. When it comes to Affleck being in Die Hard 4 ['Die the Last Time Damn You']... why not?

Stay tuned for updates

UPDATE: I was recently informed by 'Die Hard Die Hard Fan' Robert Marsley that there was a son seen in Die Hard on multiple occasions. So, there is a John Jr after all.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Touchstone

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