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International Treasure?

Published March 17, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of Touchstone
National Treasure Nicolas Cage up for a second round of treasure hunting?
When I first saw National Treasure, I could not believe the bashing the Nicolas Cage film was taking from a good majority of film critics. I greatly enjoyed the film and figured that it would be a hit with audiences. Well, National Treasure turned out being a massive hit worldwide with revenues somewhere over $300 million [the film cost $100 million to make]. With this type of success there is only one word that crosses the film execs [Touchstone] minds-- 'Sequel!'

National Treasure Sequel

Obviously, the number one reason for considering a sequel is the fact that the Bruckheimer/Turteltaub film was able to perform so well in the box office. So, while doing the premiere of National Treasure over in China, Turteltaub was pleased to announce that a script to a sequel could be in the works, and that he wanted the Treasure sequel filmed “in a romantic and mystical country”, with China at the top of his list.

Now, the largest speculation to this is that he mentions China while the original film is premiering in China. So, it is unknown if that was just a shout-out for that nation. Maybe he will say Vietnam when National Treasure decides to premiere there... who knows.

But at least we do know that a National Treasure sequel is on the table with the thought of having the adventure be international.

Stay tuned for updates. For further info, go to CHUD.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of Touchstone

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