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Speedy Bulletin for Superman Returns

Published March 15, 2005 in Movie Clips
By Ryan Parsons | Video from BlueTights.Net
Superman Returns Bryan instructs how to use camera, and the goals of the shoot... of the bulletin
One of the greatest things to happen for King Kong fans is the website KongisKing.Net. The site is the number one source for all news from the set of King Kong and Peter Jackson himself. The site offers blogs and all of the released production diaries.

With the success of KongisKing.Net, we now have another fansite from Bryan Singer called BlueTights.Net. The site is just like KongisKing.Net, but does all the fan press and production diaries [yes, they will do them too] for Superman Returns.

Superman Returns Production Diary

I'm sorry, the site calls the released video 'speedy bulletins', but you get the idea. The first video shows just a couple Superman Returns artwork shots and a few small sets. The majority of the video just lets you get to know Bryan Singer's personality, as he messes around with this bulletin. Seems like an extremely cool guy.

To check out the clip, watch Bulletin I

For more info, go to the Superman Returns Movie Page
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Video from BlueTights.Net

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