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X3 is Led by a Layer Cake

Published March 14, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons |
X-Men The next report will probably be whether Halle Berry stays or not.
The next installment of the X-Men series has been floundering as we have been waiting on any word of any director to replace the quickly missed Bryan Singer. Now, after months of waiting, the X3 director has finally been found!

Vaughn Directs X-Men 3

If you have not seen the trailers for the upcoming dark comedy Layer Cake, you better do so to get a feel for Matthew Vaughn; the man who will sit in the directors chair for X-Men 3. Zak Penn, the screenwriter for the other two X-Men films, is also on and already has a first draft script that Fox feels is worth using.

Remember, the next X-Men film will either bring on the full 'Dark Phoenix saga' or at least begin it; which can mean a ton of X-Men films down the road. It has also been stated that Fox is going to try to beat Superman on release to theatres. While it is nice to know we could have the next X-Men film in a year, lets not rush it.

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Ryan Parsons

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