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Robots Review

Published March 12, 2005 in Movie Review
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of 20th Century Fox
Robots Rodney gets delivered.
I have recently had the pleasure to watch the 20th Century Fox/Blue Sky animated adventure Robots. Robots is set in a world populated entirely by robots, this is the story of a young genius, Rodney [Ewan McGregor], who wants to make robots capable of making the world a better place, but he finds his dream challenged when his hero, and master inventor, Big Weld [Mel Brooks], is replaced by Ratchet [Greg Kinnear], a corrupt corporate exec put in charge of Robot City by his mother, Madame Gasket [Jim Broadbent].

Robots- The Premise

To start, Robots is a wonderful film with some of the best CG animation I have seen to date. I would like to see some one remove the CG characters and put in real actors, as I don't think anyone would have caught that the sets are all CG [for the most part]. The only problem viewers might have with Robots is the premise. For Shrek we have the love story, for Monsters Inc. we have the relationship between a little girl and a monster, for Ice Age we have the bonding of friends as they attempt to save a little child, for Robots we do not have any of that. Robots runs a simple premise-- Anybody can be great if they believe in themselves. While this is a nice idea, it is a hard premise to pull everyone into. By the end of the film, you do not feel any emotional bond to any of the characters, except for maybe Fender [Robin Williams] and Big Weld. Rodney [McGregor] plays the standard 'I have a dream' hero that does nothing more than bring you along for the ride.

Robots Rodney hits Robot City
To be honest, the major star of Robots is the animation team. The special effects and animation in this film are nothing short of excellent. If you want an example, check out the Cross Town Express clip, this type of animation occurs throughout the entire film. Even though the Cross Town Express and the chase scene near the end were my favorite aspects, there are tons of scenes that can take your breath away in how well they are designed and animated.

Robots begins with the birth of Rodney and ends with him 'making his parents' proud. A good film, but nothing to get to excited about; all because of a hard premise to satisfy.

Robots- The Movie

Other than that, you are going to enjoy this film. Robots obviously features a lot of nice humor additions from Robin Williams, plus some great parodies of movies, television, and pop songs.

Robots Fender provides the laughs
The battle scene at near the end of the film was classic, and when they kick in the 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' song, I was cracking up. There are also some great lines from Fender, but I do not want to ruin those for you.

Final Judgment: Robots is a great CG animated film that is only hurt by its inability for profound relationships to occur between its main characters. Halle Berry's character, Cappy, was supposed to have a love relationship with Rodney, but there was very little development between them. Robots strength is rather in its ability to offer some easy laughs and some of the most impressive CG animation you will see this year.

For trailers, clips, movie stills, and synopsis, go to the Robots Movie Page.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of 20th Century Fox

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