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Attention FireFox Users

Published March 12, 2005 in Inside CanMag
By Ryan Parsons | none
FireFox FireFox
Attention Mozilla FireFox Users! It has recently come to our attention [through FireFox testing], that our site is not optimized for FireFox users. According to our visitor statistics, 12% of our users [the second highest margin behind IE] browse with FireFox; and our site looks like crap with the growing browser. Can you say ch-ch-ch-changes?

FireFox Updates

We have recently found most of the errors that FireFox users have encountered, including the now infamous streaming video error. Now FireFox users can view any of our video clips and trailers that are hosted on CanMag. We have also encountered a plethora of CSS errors [through FireFox] as well, all of which will be corrected in the upcoming week.

[more below]

Of the other small details we will be working on is better padding for FireFox users and all future articles will follow principles used by FireFox. [as FireFox is currently butchering our format]

If you are a FireFox user and find any further errors when viewing CanMag, please let us know.

Thanks for the patience... and your visits.
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Ryan Parsons
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