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Sin City Artwork to Movie Comparison

Published March 10, 2005 in Movie Stills
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of Dimension
Sin City Dwight [Clive Owen] in Sin City
Yesterday we posted some production art for Sin City. The production art was exactly the same as the actual drawings that can be found in the graphic novels by Frank Miller. Well, Yahoo! has taken it a step further and has comic-to-movie comparisons based on the art and cinematography. The results? Damn they remained faithful to the novels!

Sin City Comic to Movie Comparison

I got to give some credit to the production crew of Sin City. Boy have they remained faithful to the Sin City graphic novels in terms of imagery. Actually, after viewing both trailers, the only spot that the film lets down is the lack of nudity. If the film is to be just like the book, you can expect to see Jessica Alba showing off her upper half. While it has not been rumored that she does, I can only expect that she is a stripper who takes nothing off. However, maybe this is a surprise in store for us [but I doubt it].

Sin City Marv
Sin City Dwight [Clive Owen] in Sin City

Check out some of the stills to artwork comparison for Sin City that Yahoo! posted. Tell me that you aren't getting amped for this film, which is now about three weeks away.

To get further amped, check out all of the comparison shots by CLICKING HERE

For more movie info, trailers, clips, and more stills, go to the Sin City Movie Page.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of Dimension

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