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Have You Seen Havoc Yet?

Published March 8, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of Media 8
Havoc Yeah, they hook up.
Ever since we posted the Anne Hathaway Nude in Havoc article, we have had some nice bonus 'pervert traffic.' Not that I can blame you, it seems that just about everyone is looking for stills of Anne Hathaway giving the full frontal. Well, as most have discovered, Havoc is just sitting on a shelf, with no nice movie stills to share, except a couple random stills [not the ones most guys ages 14 to 85 want]. So now people ask-- "Are we ever gonna see Anne Hathaway naked?"

Havoc Updates

First off, according to the reports from the Havoc execs, the film has reset its release date to a limited release some time in 2005. So, for those of you where waiting to rent the DVD, you may have to wait for the Havoc to hit theatres.. again. I know, it sucks. But here are some of the latest pics from Havoc; unfortunately they are not the pics everyone wants.

[more below]

Havoc Yeah, they definitely hook up.
Havoc Yeah, they hook up too.
Havoc What could happen to some guys if they watch too much Havoc. *wink wink

Hopefully, in a dream, I will get you something more 'real' from Havoc.

Stay tuned for updates... perverts.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of Media 8

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