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The Rock Talks Doom

Published March 7, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Universal
The Rock The Rock in The Rundown
Gamespot recently caught up with The Rock [Dwayne Johnson] and were able to get him to reveal a few details about his involvement in the upcoming video game adaptation, Doom. The strangest part about the Rock's involvement in the film is that it is still unknown on whether he is the leading actor or not. According to reports, his character plays a 'special' role, but it is still stated that Karl Urban [Lord of the Rings] is still the head character for the film.

Rock Talks Doom

In Doom, named exactly after the game, the Rock plays a character known as 'Sarge' while Karl Urban plays John Grimm, the leader of the special ops group [a group 'Sarge' is a part of] that encounters all the events in Doom. The story takes place countless years in the future and should be filled with hard-core gore and action.

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Here is a few snippets on what The Rock had to say about Doom:

The film is Doom. We just wrapped it.

No, I'm the one

Without giving the movie away, I play the ultimate [censored]. It'll be great. But you don't know I'm [censored].

Here's the great thing about Doom... It's rated 'R,' it's unapologetic, just like the video game. I love blowing [expletive] up, and in this movie...

Johnson also mentions the BFG and calls it the bio-force gun, instead of big-fucking-gun so readily used by gamers. Doom is set for an August 5, 2005 release date.

To read the entire report, head over to GameSpot.

For more movie info, go to the Doom Movie Page

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Ryan Parsons
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