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Be Cool Review

Published March 5, 2005 in Movie Review
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of MGM
Be Cool The Rock and Vince Vaugn have it out.
I recently had the pleasure of seeing the movie Be Cool, starring John Travolta, Vince Vaugn, Harvey Keitel, Danny DeVito, Uma Thurman, the Rock [Dwayne Douglas Johnson], Cedric the Entertainer, and Andre 3000 [Andre Benjamin]. In the film we are re-introduced to Chili Palmer [Travolta], who is over the movie business and wants to get back into music. Then there is a quick Russian hit, and the movie gets rolling.

To help get a jump-start in his new career, Palmer picks up the wonderful singer Linda Moon [Christina Milian]. A singer that he has break a five year contract with her old managers-Raji[Vince Vaughn] and Nick Carr [Harvey Keitel]. Obviously, Nick and Raji are not pleased with the current developments; so let the antics begin.

Be Cool- The Plot

The entire plot to Be Cool is based on who gets to control the future of Linda Moon's singing career. Nick and Raji have had their chance and wasted it, so now it is Chili Palmer's turn. Well, that is if some one does not kill him first. Palmer is not only wanted by the corrupt managers who he stole Linda from, but also by Sin LaSalle [Cedric the Entertainer] who feels he is owed some money, and the 'Russians', who had already done a hit on Chili's friend Tommy Athens [James Woods]. However, Chili is unfazed, as now he has a shot at Tommy's widowed wife, Edie Athens [Uma Thurman].

Be Cool Andre Benjamin steals the screen everytime he appears.
Chili and Edie team up in order to save her label company by their last ditch effort in promoting Linda Moon. Luckily, Edie has a little bit of history with the lead singer of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, who they will later try to have help promote Linda.

There is really nothing more to the plot than this. Everyone is trying to screw over everyone else, while along the way a young female star will rise and a couple people will get their share.

Be Cool- The Movie

First off, this film is like one unorganized music video. Some scenes seem to speed on by, while other scenes seem much too long. Be Cool has such inconsistencies in pace, that it was nearly impossible to tell when the movie was going to end. The ending just comes and goes as quick as a lot of the more important scenes of the film. This lack of organization is the main reason why I would tell people to wait for this film on DVD. Now, I'm not saying there is no reason to go see Be Cool in theatres, but the only reason you should like the movie is for some of the characters, rather than the movie itself.

Be Cool The Rock, as usually, plays a great role in Be Cool
Of the impressive cast of characters in Be Cool, only a few really shine. I have to throw some props to the Rock, Andre Benjamin, and Vince Vaughn for carrying Be Cool on their shoulders. And of these characters, only Vince Vaughn plays a large role for the film. The Rock is extremely humorous as the gay bodyguard with sense-of-self issues. Andre Benjamin is just down right hilarious and the most funny guy in Be Cool. Hearing him say 'Playa', seeing him try to get comfortable, and watching him drink tea were classic. I truly hope to see Andre Benjamin in more films; he easily brings simple comedy to the screen. Last is Vince Vaughn, who also plays a character with sense-of-self issues. Through out the entire viewing of Be Cool, you will witness Vince Vaughn try to act, and talk, like a black guy. He even sports a Louie Vatton jacket and a pimp hat.

Obviously, Uma Thurman, John Travolta, Harvey Keitel, and Cedric the Entertainer all get their jobs done. But they only seemed to play their roles and nothing more.

Final Judgment: If you want a couple of laughs from a very off-track film, then go see Be Cool. The film was hoping that star power would bring it success, if nothing more. Instead, it was the smaller characters that saved the film and made it, at least, worthy of a DVD rental. By the way, Christina Milian is hot!

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of MGM

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