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Red Weed Appears for War of the Worlds

Published March 1, 2005 in Movie Stills
By Ryan Parsons | Images found at worlds21.
War of the Worlds Get the weed spray!
I recently had a few pictures that were of the 'red weed' emailed to me from War of the Worlds. Having never read War of the Worlds, I did not understand the significance of these images. But, after asking around and finding another link, I realize that the 'red weed' is a menace.

The Red Weed from War of the Worlds

When I first received the red weed pics, I didn't know what they were about so I looked around to find out. Here is what I discovered:

For Wells this weed appears to bear the same poisonous potential as the plants carried around the world that helped pollute places where native species are helpless to compete - such as the Phragmities so prevalent in New Jersey which were brought to New Jersey with the Dutch and eventually drove out many of the native plants in the state's marshlands. So in introducing red weed into the book, Wells manages to tie together the environmental takeover of the planet earth as well as its military conquest - but also gives valuable foreshadowing to the book's (and most likely the film's conclusion).

As the aliens spread over the surface of the earth, so does this insidious vegetation, hinting of the Martian desire to remove all traces of previous life from the planet's surface. While Speilberg's film characters may not say so in so many works, the gradual advance of the plants, their appearance in scenes symbolizes the touch of an alien presence.

War of the Worlds More red weed.
War of the Worlds I guess you run once the red weed comes.

Very interesting. Kind of like the red dot found on all the animals touched by aliens in Dreamcatcher [horrid film].

For even further info on red weed, and a couple more red weed stills, CLICK HERE.

Stay tuned for updates. For the trailer, clips, and movie stills, go to the War of the Worlds Movie Page.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images found at worlds21.

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