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All About Oldboy

Published February 24, 2005 in MOVIE TRAILERS
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Tartan Films
Oldboy New Oldboy poster.
All of the best foreign films seem to takes years to get to the states [some actually do]. This case remains true for Oldboy, the thriller about a Korean businessman who must reek vengeance for being held captive for an unknown reason. Well, Old Boy is finally closing in for release in LA & NY thanks to Tartan Films. With the deadline approaching [slightly], Old Boy now has released a new poster and movie trailer.

New Oldboy trailer

I cannot wait to see Oldboy. The film has smoked all the film festivals it has appeared at, and has been a hit in other countries. It is now America's time to check out what is supposedly a classic film. If you have never heard of Oldboy, here is a brief synopsis:

After a night on the town with a friend, Oh Dae-su wakes up to find himself trapped inside of a little room without any reason for his captivity. Oh Dae-su knows he does have captures as his continuously fed through a hole in his 'cage.' Oh Dae-su will spend fifteen years in this room, never knowing why he is imprisoned or who is behind his captivity.

On his release from the room, the Korean business man spends the rest of the film solving puzzles and exacting revenge on all those involved in his captivity.

I have seen the original trailer for Oldboy and can say that the new trailer is not that much different; except for the fact that it is BIGGER. However, there are definitely a few new cool looking shots for the film.

The release date for Oldboy was suppose to be February 4th. We will post the real date once we get word.

For the Oldboy trailer, CLICK HERE

For more movie info, trailer, stills, and synopsis, go to the Oldboy Movie Page.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Tartan Films

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