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International Fantastic Four Trailer!

Published February 17, 2005 in MOVIE TRAILERS
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of 20th Century Fox
Fantastic Four Invisible Woman [Alba] is invisible!
My first question is this-- Why are international trailers always better? It seems that distributors are always holding something back from the US market. Well, the same goes for the International Fantastic Four trailer. We have seen 'ours,' and they have seen 'theirs.' And, as predicted, 'theirs' is so much better.

International Fantastic Four Trailer

The major difference you are going to see in the international movie trailer for Fantastic Four is the music and actual character introductions. Instead of '4 will be fantastic,' we get to meet each character individually. We also get to see the Thing do a lot more damage.. and speak!

Yes, it is true... the Europeans just have it better. [more below]

Well, at least we get to also see the international trailers released; even if it does take a little more time. To check out the Fantastic Four international trailer, head over to TheMovieBox.

For the original movie trailer, movie stills, clips, and synopsis, go to the Fantastic Four Movie Page.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of 20th Century Fox

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