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James Bond Collections DVD Reviews

Published December 19, 2006 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image from respective holders.
James Bond Collection James Bond Collection
With the sale of MGM’s library and a new 007 movie in theaters, the circumstances warranting a new release of all the old movies you already own had to conspire together. They have promised remastered movies, which should improve displays on higher end TV sets. And they found some cool old footage to add into a second disc of extra features per film. But nothing tops the extras constructed for the original World is Not Enough era MGM DVDs.

DVD Review: James Bond Collections (All Volumes)

Found footage ranges from ‘60s era “on the set” documentaries to Timothy Dalton-era press conferences. These represent vastly different styles of promotion. In Connery’s time, they actually made a whole production of making a TV special out of it. In the ‘80s, they just had their people talk to the press corps. It's cool to see George Lazenby before, during and after as he gets slowly beaten up and they actually interviewed James Brolin and showed two more of his screen tests. Having Roger Moore commentaries is cool, but he's a very slow, sparse speaker so it'll be a while before I watch every single movie with his audio.

The MGM documentaries were so good, it’s a plus just that they include them here. Each one identifies the film’s place in the canon of James Bond and any interesting production deals made, especially at the time of a Bond recast. They got most of the important principals to talk too, so you can see all the Bond girls still looking fabulous up to 40 years later.

They really delivered on the new transfers. The old releases all looked great on regular TVs, even Dr. No looking sparkling. But they didn't hold up on HDTVs, getting blurry and grainy. Now they all look stellar. The early ones show all the heightened Technicolor hues and the second half of them practically look like new, modern day movies.

With 20 movies, even I’m not a big enough Bond fan to look at anniversary specials from each disc of bonus features. But as an HDTV owner, I've gotta say I like having the new set and I suppose this serves as the most complete archive of Bond material so far available.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Fred Topel
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