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Holiday Gift Guide: Police Story on DVD

Published December 10, 2006 in DVD News
By Bassam Tarazi | Image from respective holders.
Police Story on DVD Police Story
I know that Jackie Chan has black belts in a lot of things and I knew that the man was crazy. But I never knew that he had a black belt in crazy. Police Story is the one Jackie Chan movie that you are required to see, no ifs, ands or buts. No other actor gives himself, physically, as much as Jackie Chan does and to that alone you need to tip your hat or your ibuprofen bottle. The stunts that he and his crew perform have all of about ZERO frills. Where most movie stunts are done with a few cuts of the camera to handle the assumed landing on a mattress from a high fall, Police Story has none of that. You see guys falling off buses onto pavement. Not fake pavement. Pavement! In the “extras” part of the DVD there is a scene where it looks like Jackie is borderline convulsing with a bunch of people around him trying to help him out. How did Jackie get in that state? Oh, nothing really. He only fell two stories through some glass and 2x4’s onto the ground at a mall. Did I mention Jackie directed the movie as well?

DVD Review: Police Story Special Collector's Edition

If you thought the scene in Bad Boys II where they run through the shanty town in Haiti or wherever, was revolutionary…well I hate to break it to you but it was directly copied from this movie. The difference is that in Police Story you can literally see stuntmen almost getting killed as they are jumping off of roofs that are collapsing or exploding. It really is a wonder that nobody died. Then again, someone may have for all I know. They should have considering what they were doing! There is also a great part in the “extras” part of the DVD where they talk about the celebrated Jackie Chan stunt team. All 16 men in the organization are in this movie.

The only down part of the movie is that we don’t speak Mandarin and we’re forced to read through the Nintendo aged subtitles. It really does have the dialogue of an old video game that you always used to laugh at; well at least it does when it’s translated. But the story itself would have been just as good without subtitles because it made sense to the eye. It was funny, action packed and of course had more martial arts than a Mr. Miagi training center. I really couldn’t recommend this movie enough to the Jackie Chan fans or to true movie lovers. If you want to see a guy earn his paycheck as an actor, see Police Story.

Police Story: Special Collector's Edition hits shelves on December 9th.

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Bassam Tarazi
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