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Hitch Movie Review

Published February 12, 2005 in MOVIE REVIEW
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of Columbia Pictures
Hitch Will Smith and Eva Mendes
I have recently had the pleasure to watch the latest Will Smith film Hitch. However, instead of science fiction or action, Smith takes a chance with a romantic comedy containing the tag line 'cure for the common man.' One thing that is unique to Hitch is that it is a love comedy that doesn't seem to favor women. The story actually allows men to appreciate the film just as much as women. And, considering it is Valentine's weekend, this film came out at just the right time.

Hitch- The Plot

Will Smith plays as Alex 'Hitch' Hitchens, a private love doctor who makes all of his business through referrals only [causing him to become more of a legend or myth]. Every one of Hitch's clients is the common man, each madly in love with some lady. Hitch steps in and does the necessary research to give each man, or client, a fighting chance for the one he loves. However, Hitch does not work for clients that only want to get the girl in the sack. This fact will later prove that his intentions for his male clients are strictly noble.

After being in the business for some time, Hitch assumes he has everything about women figured out. This soon changes when Hitch meets two individuals that will change his life and thought process on women. The first person is Sara [Eva Mendes], who is a gossip reporter with some serious relationship issues. Through her, we come to realize that Hitch, even though he is the love doctor, is actually afraid of love. Sara and Hitch have to work on one another to get each to see that love is always a possibility [with very humorous outcomes].

The other person is Hitch's next client, Albert [Kevin James]. Albert is a CPA under a large firm that serves the love of his life-- Allegra Cole [Amber Valletta], a very famous lady. Albert will be Hitch's hardest job, as Albert 'swings for the fences.' It takes a little under a third of the film to set up each of these characters and their current situations. While this first third of Hitch is enjoyable, the middle third is where the comedic spark finally ignites.

Hitch Amber Valletta and Kevin James
During the girth of Hitch, we encounter two separate plot lines that each have their own comedic elements. We first have the relationship between Hitch and Sara. Hitch, who usually has no problem picking up women and being smooth for the ladies, continues to 'crash and burn' during his dates with Sara. Things such as kicking her off of her jet ski and getting his shirt stuck in a taxi are just the beginning of his problems. However, both Sara and Hitch still see that there is some spark between them and try to persevere.

The next relationship is between Allegra and Albert [and Hitch]. The scenes between these two are very well constructed. As each of Albert's dates go forth, we constantly get flash backs to lessons and rules laid down by Hitch. During the dates, we encounter Albert trying to stick to these rules while also attempting to be himself.

One of the instances is dancing. Albert considers himself a good dancer, even though no one else does. Hitch lays down the ground work that Albert can only move back and forth with his 'shoulders at his sides.' Albert, while dancing with Allegra, tries to follow the 'dancing rule' but takes a few of his own risks every time Allegra turns her back to him [risks that have repercussions later].

As the dates between both couples continue, we soon begin to learn that maybe the perfect somebody is not exactly what any female, or male for that matter, wants.

Hitch- The Movie

By the end of the film, there are tons of lessons to be learned. The best part is that while some of these lessons follow Hitch's ideas on dating, a lot of them don't. The key point that gets across is that if you can just be yourself, you will always find your perfect match.

Hitch also makes a pretty humorous point that girls only give guys 'one chance.' You are given one first impression, one dance, and one kiss. If you blow those, you blow your chances with the girl. However, Hitch repeatedly blows his chances with Sara causing him to announce that there may be no formula to love.

Final Judgment: Hitch couldn't have come out on a better weekend. While the film is good and will make you laugh, I don't think it would ever have the success it may have during this weekend. Even though the film does put a lot of emphasis on relationships, it does not forget that it has Will Smith and Kevin James to keep the laughs constantly rolling in. This is one romance film a guy should be willing to see.

For the trailers, movie stills, other clips, and synopsis, go to the Hitch Movie Page.
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Ryan Parsons
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