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Smokin' Aces Trailer!

Published November 29, 2006 in Movie Trailers
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Universal Pictures.
Smokin' Aces Poster Smokin' Aces
Just when one though you couldn't get any more badass than the first trailer for Smokin' Aces, Universal has delivered something even better, the second trailer for Smokin' Aces.

Smokin' Aces Trailer

An incendiary array of stars--including Ben Affleck, Andy Garcia, Ray Liotta, Jeremy Piven, Ryan Reynolds, Peter Berg, Martin Henderson, Taraji Henson and, in their motion--picture debuts, Alicia Keys and Common--star in Smokin' Aces, the new dark action comedy from Joe Carnahan, the acclaimed director of Narc.

In these interlocking tales of high stakes and low lifes, Mob boss Primo Sparazza has taken out a hefty contract on Buddy "Aces" Israel (Piven)--a sleazy magician who has agreed to turn state's evidence against the Vegas mob. The FBI, sensing a chance to use this small-time con to bring down big-target Sparazza, places Aces into protective custody-under the supervision of two agents (Reynolds and Liotta) dispatched to Aces' Lake Tahoe hideout.

One floor, seven hitmen, Ryan Reynolds, Jeremy Piven, fuck yeah!

Like the first trailer for Smokin' Aces, the second trailer, though constructed a little better, still shows off the film's pure action-packed mayhem.

Oh yeah, and may the best hitman win.

Check out the trailer, called Trailer 3r, for Smokin' Aces over at Quicktime.

Smokin' Aces opens on March 2nd, 2007.

For the first trailer, posters, full synopsis and more movie info, go to the Smokin' Aces Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Universal Pictures.

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