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Nerds Remake on Hiatus?

Published November 1, 2006 in Movie Rumors
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
Revenge of the Nerds Revenge of the Nerds
Sometimes it is hard to figure out Hollywood. The industry will find a classic movie and come up with the brilliant idea that the film deserves a remake into today's standards? Wha? It's a classic, why remake it?

One such project is the remake of Revenge of the Nerds. A classic for its genre, the film's remake has recently been KO'd into the ground by the school jock. Being a nerd, we don't really step out of our way to care.

Revenge of the Nerds Remake Stalled

Clint over at MovieHole has recently learned that the Revenge of the Nerds remake has been put on hiatus with no schedule on when production could start again.

Insider says Kyle Newman's remake has been "put in hiatus and they have no date when the movie will start production again. Kyle Newman was able to shoot the first week and then has been on hold ever since, the crew has waited around for 10 days and finally today the word came down that everyone is headed home and no date on when or if the production will start over.

Talk has is that the studio has not been happy with the scale of the colleges and other rumors are that the movie might lose its rookie director Kyle Newman, on a side note it was McG, who is the exec producer, the one who pushed for shooting in Atlanta because he just shot We Are Marshall here. The studio and even the director was not happy about the location from day one."

A follow-up to someone involved in the film essentially confirmed the news, though nobody's talking yet.

Now the only question that remains is who this recent rumor affects. There has got to be some thirty-something nerds out there somewhere just dreaming of a remake.

Check out the full report over at MovieHole.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
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