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War of the Worlds TV Spot

Published February 4, 2005 in MOVIE TRAILERS
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Paramount
War of the Worlds There is lots of terror in War of the Worlds
I have constantly complained and complained about the marketing for War of the Worlds. All Paramount does is show faces of terrified actors. Now, we got a whopper coming in the War of the Worlds Super Bowl TV ad spot. Lets get ready for something cool... and short.

War of the Worlds Hits Superbowl

Let me give you a quick War of the Worlds trailer description for those of you who can't wait for the trailer [or look farther down the page]. The trailer begins with Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning 'stealing' another guys vehicle. Or, at least, he tries to. While in the van, the man approaches Cruise and tries to force him back out. Cruise responds with something like [and I do believe these two men know each other] "Get in the car if you don't want to die." The next thing that happens is the favorite part of the ad spot for me; and it also shows how amazing Dakota Fanning is as an actress.

The TV spot cuts to Dakota Fanning turning around to look out the back of the Van [with her face staring down the camera]. In a scene of about five seconds, you get to watch an extremely convincing Dakota Fanning looking terrified by what's to come. But what is to come? The camera then immediately pulls out of the van and shows a freeway overpass being ripped to pieces, with giant chunks of road coming down on a small neighborhood. Then, in a quick couple flashes, we see the van, driven by Tom, doing a quick getaway with explosions all around.

So Cool! You have to see it! So look below....

War of the Worlds Spot Online

I was recently sent the link for the War of the Worlds ad spot. I am not exactly sure whether or not this ad spot is allowed up yet, but what the hell. I have set up a page that uses the link and displays the War of the Worlds trailer. If this trailer is not allowed yet, I am sure I will be bringing it back down shortly.

At the request of Paramount, this link has been removed.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Paramount

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