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Pitt is Ethan Hunt?

Published September 19, 2006 in Movie Rumors
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of WireImage.
Brad Pitt Brad Pitt
When Paramount decided to give Cruise the boot we were all surprised. Sure, the guy has been pulling off some antics up to par with Michael Jackson -- ouch! -- but that didn't mean the actor still wasn't a goldmine for the studio. Every film Cruise touches turns to gold and, with his acting abilities, that has become expected from the actor.

So, he is out from Paramount and now has his own, $200 million funded, setup to help pave the way for future Cruise films.

But what about major Cruise franchises still with Paramount? Though we would have never figured Paramount to go this far, it would seem that Cruise might also get nixed from the Mission: Impossible franchise as well.

Brad Pitt to Coup Cruise for Mission: Impossible?

According to thislondon, Brad Pitt has been lined up to replace Tom Cruise in the next Mission Impossible film. Though I can't tell where they are getting their figures, the publication claims the move will make Pitt the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

But how is Paramount going to pull off the switch? Make up some story that Ethan Hunt had an appearance-altering procedure or just rid the franchise of Ethan Hunt as a whole? Isn't the Mission: Impossible franchise born from the fabric of the special agent though?

If thislondon is correct, Paramount plans to rid the franchise of the special agent we have come to know and replace him with somebody new played by Pitt. I guess this story could work considering that Mission: Impossible III showed off an Ethan Hunt who was just dying to slow down and live out his marriage. If they were to move forwards with an M:I:IV, Paramount is hoping that audiences buy the news that Ethan Hunt had in fact retired.

Paramount is supposedly willing to blow loads of cash to get Pitt on board. The actor's production company, Plan B, is based out of Paramount, so that should help get these two groups close and talking.

Personally, I can see Pitt playing the new and 'improved' -- according to Paramount -- replacement agent; though there may be an uncomfortable window at the start.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of WireImage.

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