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Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Title Revealed

Published August 31, 2006 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Disney.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
How sinister is Disney? When publications all over the internet began to announce that the title for Pirates of the Caribbean 3 would be At World's End or World's End, Disney ended the speculation in July by announcing that both titles were incorrect and the real title would be announced in a few months. Well, it has been a little over a month and Pirates screenwriter Terry Rossio has confirmed something close to what everybody thought.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At Worlds End

Disney was correct by stating the titles suggested were incorrect; but how petty. Instead of making us think that they were actually going for something more creative, the studio could have just said drop the apostrophe.

Terry Russio made a post over at Word Player only an hour or so ago announcing that the title for the third Pirates of the Caribbean installment would be At Worlds End. No apostrophe.

It turns out that there was much discussion inside Disney on whether to keep the "At" or not. Users on the site asked what would be the purpose for getting rid of the "At" and Terry responded with the following:

When you seen the alternatives side by side in text, WORLDS END is cleaner-looking on a poster and in print. And for some, it invoked the theme of 'end of an era' better; whereas the AT WORLDS END pushed the double-meaning more towards a specific location.

Also it was pointed out that in media ads, the spoken AT WORLDS END might be problematic ... imagine ... "In other news at world's end, the new installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise ..." ... the 'at' created a possible continuation of line problem.

In the end, though, the counter-arguments prevailed:

1. In fact the world doesn't come to an end, so why promise it?

2. worlds end is essentially dark and downbeat ... what if there is a tragedy in the news that week or month ... who wants to go to a film that invokes it?

3. AWE is better than WE

4. fans have already embraced AWE

5. At Worlds End seems more nautical, less science fiction.

I guess that all makes sense. Worlds End also sounds a bit too short; an abrupt ending of a title is you ask me.

In conclusion: Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is titled Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Disney.

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