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Statham Talks Crank Stunts

Published August 30, 2006 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Lionsgate.
Crank- Jason Statham Jason Statham in Crank
Jason Statham is a badass. No insurance agents are going to talk him out of doing his own stunts. Some veteran directors may have a second thought, but first timers Mark Neveldine and Brian Tayler took advantage of their Crank star’s boldness. He volunteered to hang from a helicopter flying over Los Angeles.

Jason Statham on Crank

“Firstly we didn't have the luxury of millions and millions of dollars to shoot a worthy green screen sequence and I have never thought it would look good shot that way anyway,” said Statham. “I have always seen it and you can always tell that it is a fake attempt.”

Statham and the filmmakers were of like minds, and both got in the air with enthusiasm. “Mark would sort of be up there and Jose [Pablo Cantillo], the other actor, and we had a great stunt coordinator and I just thought we were going to get something really, really, good. We had already shot like three or four weeks of great stuff and you just know that it felt right to do that, we just thought we are going to shoot everything through the camera and we are going to do something that most movie makers don't do.”

Of course, Statham wasn’t just hanging on by his fingertips. There was a minimum of safety precaution. “We had a cable [but] we couldn't have too much of a tight cable because you needed to move and be able to fall back and to do justice to the choreography, you got to be able to move and lean back and you have to put all of your faith in this small rig. It's very, very scary.”

Ultimately, it served his character. Statham plays a hitman who must keep his adrenaline up to slow down a poison with which his rivals injected him. “I can remember when we first flew up, you know when you are getting an adrenaline rush because your limbs start to do things. Your leg starts to go and you have to think how do you control that? You take a deep breath and you have to focus and in the end you do something that is really sometimes unachievable by other people so great reward comes from great risk and we sort of pushed that thought a lot making this film. I am very pleased, I did it and I can remember it was quite fun at the time.”

Crank opens this Friday, September 1st.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Lionsgate.

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