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Crossover's Vaughn

Published August 30, 2006 in Movie Interviews
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Tristar.
Crossover Wayne Brady in Crossover
In every young athlete’s life, there’s a businessman trying to make a buck. Just because you’re not in the pros doesn’t mean you can avoid that. In Crossover, the world of underground street ball is ruled by Vaughn (Wayne Brady), the suit putting together the games, paying the athletes and controlling the gambling. That doesn’t make him the bad guy though.

Wayne Brady On Crossover

“That’s a misconception,” said Brady. “Vaughn is not villainous. Vaughn is selfish. If any word could be applied in my opinion, it would be amoral to a degree. And I think that by definition, it means having the capacity to do whatever you need to do to get the job done at the expense of someone else. Not necessarily because you bear that person any animus, but because you want to get it done. That’s what he wanted to get done. He wants to go back to the pros as a successful sports agent because he had to leave that world. And he’s tired of making it as a big fish in a little pond in Detroit. So he wants what he wants and tries to get it by any means necessary.”

The players can benefit from Vaughn, but they better not cross him. “The thing about Vaughn that’s so great, that I feel like Wayne Brady pulled off so well, is that it’s not like he doesn’t like these kids,” said costar Anthony Mackie. “It’s just he likes money more. We all know Vaughns. You mean to tell me the owner of the Yankees is not a Vaughn?”

Perhaps it is the nature of any business. “I think that’s human nature to a degree, but I don’t think it has to be the nature of any business,” said Brady. “I wouldn’t call myself a person who would step on someone to get someplace else. There’s a certain logic that some people say those are the people that succeed. I’m not even saying that you can success by being the nicest guy in the world because I don't think I’m the nicest guy in the world either. But I don’t see the need to completely kick someone in the behind just to run up and take their slot. I think that what’s for you is for you.”

These Hollywood actors have had their own encounters with Vaughns too. “I do live in Hollywood and there are a lot of people that fit the stereotype,” said Brady. “But then you just take yourself out of that person’s path. Sometimes you’re forced to work with him and you just find out how to deal with the way they think.”

Mackie too. “I feel like relating it to other parts of life, there are many different Vaughns that we all know.”

And it’s not just agents. “I can’t make the broad sweeping generalization like every agent is like Vaughn or like Ari from Entourage,” said Brady. “I think that there are a lot of producers and agents and actors in general that are like Vaughn because a lot of money is at stake in entertainment. Either you have none and you want it, or you have a ton of it and you want more and you’ll do anything for it.”

Mackie knows how to spot Vaughns and steer clear. “I learned very early that if you, when playing cards, if you watch somebody for long enough, they’ll show their hand,” he said. “Sometimes their hand is genuine and they mean it and sometimes they’re just bluffing. So I don’t deal with Vaughns. I let them deal with themselves. I’ll catch ‘em on the flip side.”

Crossover opens this Friday, September 1st.

For the poster, stills, trailer and more movie info, go to the Crossover Movie Page.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Tristar.

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