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Will Forte on Beerfest

Published August 27, 2006 in Movie Interviews
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Warner Bros.
Beerfest Paul Soter, Will Forte and Kevin Heffernan in Beerfest
A while ago, we got to hang out with the Broken Lizard guys on the set of Beerfest. Later we were on the set of Will Forte’s upcoming movie The Brothers Solomon, which won’t be out for a while, but Forte shared his drinking stories from costarring with Broken Lizard.

Will Forte Talks Drinking and Beerfest

“It’s crazy because we had to do a lot of drinking fake beer mixed with diet coke,” said Forte. “I happened to be the first one, on this particular day, I was the first one in the line and there was a little suction tube that sucked out the beer as you drink it. The suction tube wasn’t working so all these people are waiting, but me and the guy across from me who was the first person on the other team were starting and the suction wouldn’t start so we’d have to drink a lot of beer, or near beer, and then we’d have to stop. So by the time we actually got the thing working, we were filled with this disgusting brew of nothing that was really beer. It just tasted kind of like beer, it was disgusting, so I went out a couple times and made some way for… I made myself throw up. Then I heard, for some reason, it’s turned into people saying like I wasn’t man enough to hold it in or something like that. I was the only person who was actually drinking the stuff at that time.”

Forte gained five pounds overall, but not really from drinking fake beer. “We didn’t drink that much when it came down to it. There were all these tubes sucking it out, so by the time they got the tubes going, it wasn’t the beer. It was the craft services. I gained more weight on this movie than I did on Beerfest.”

With plenty of ensemble experience from Saturday Night Live, Forte easily joined the Broken Lizard gang. “It’s just a totally different situation. These are five guys who have been together forever and they’re out on this location in Albuquerque. There’s nothing to do except for go out after… you could go home and sleep. Those guys are world class partiers. They have a very full night of drinking, still get up and be pros on the set. They taught me a lot about mixing working and drinking. The SNL crew is very fun also but we all- - you’re in your home, so you all have apartments to go back to and you’re spread out. In Albuquerque, we were all staying at the same hotel. It’s like you’re away for summer camp. You just have to work during the days.”

Beerfest is now playing.

For the trailer, movie stills, more interviews, review and movie info, go to the Beerfest Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Warner Bros.

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