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Another Black Dahlia

Published August 25, 2006 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Universal Pictures.
The Black Dahlia Poster Universal Pictures' The Black Dahlia
Though we have Universal Pictures' The Black Dahlia coming to theatres in a few weeks, New Line is already working to give us a different take on the story.

New Line Adapts Black Dahlia... Too

According to Variety, New Line has acquired screen rights to Black Dahlia Avenger, a book by ex-L.A. homicide detective Steve Hodel.

Tome details Hodel's investigation into Hollywood's most infamous unsolved crime that led him to finger his own father as the killer.

The number one question that now comes to mind is why would New Line want to create another Black Dahlia film? It just so happens that Universal's Black Dahlia is based on the novel from James Ellroy. Ellroy also wrote the intro to Hodel's book and declared that the author had probably correctly identified Dr. George Hodel as the killer. How this fact will change the overall story is hard to say.

After an 18-year career investigating more than 300 murders, Hodel was retired when his father died and he received an album of old photos. He realized two of them were of Elizabeth Short, the aspiring actress found cut in half and posed in a bizarre manner. Hodel, on a quest to discover who his father really was, came up with a picture of a brilliant, charming, Hannibal Lecter-like villain he believes may have killed a dozen people.

"I found out that George Hodel was the prime suspect all along," Hodel said. "The D.A. was days away from arresting him, but the police department was very corrupt. The files were sanitized, the physical evidence disappeared."

New Line has not announced a production schedule for the film.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Universal Pictures.

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