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Whedon Updates on Wonder Woman

Published August 25, 2006 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respected holders.
Wonder Woman Teaser Poster Wonder Woman Teaser Poster
It seems like forever ago when we last had an update on the progress of Wonder Woman. Wait a sec, it was forever ago! Because of this, let me say that it is nice to hear from Joss Whedon with new developments on the project.

Wonder Woman Script Making Rounds

Director Whedon says the script is done and is now in the hands of Warner Bros' execs. Will they dig it? Hard to say, but Joss Whedon spills his thoughts on the matter over at Whedonesque.

And since I haven't posted (anything real) in some time let me bring y'all up to speed. The Brothers Warner HAVE read Wondy Gal, and are arranging a meeting to tell me that it is a perfect crystalline gem and I must not change a word, nay, not a syllable. I'm certain that's how it will go. I'm pounding away on X-men #18 and Buffy #2 and having a blast. Like a "close the blast doors" sized blast, especialy after I saw my first page of Georges Jeanty's Buffy art. That cute little sketch on his website? No, no, silly british man. The real thing is SO deeply cherry. It makes the fun I'm having revisiting these characters increase tenfold. For you Goners folk out there, just know I'm fine-tuning the script, feeling increasingly passionate about it, and I'm anxious to start dribbling out cryptic, frustrating hints. Soon.

Whedon seems pretty amped considering how slow it's been. OK, OK, it's only been slow for us; I am sure he is working his ass off on this one.

Check out his full update on all projects over at Whedonesque.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
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