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Invincible Reviewed

Published August 23, 2006 in Early Reviews
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of Touchstone Pictures.
Invincible Invincible
With Touchstone Pictures' sports drama Invincible coming to theatres this weekend we have been alerted to two of the first reviews for the film.

Invincible Reviews

Though the reviews claim that Invincible is above par, they also acknowledge the fact that sports dramas now feel like they are coming off of an assembly line, where each one has similarities or matching attributes to the rest.

"Invincible" is a neatly packaged Walt Disney Co. picture with bone-crunching football action; a nice sense of the blue-collar, male-dominated milieu that nourishes football fanaticism; and a few too many tugs at the heartstrings. Opening on the cusp of the football season, the film will attract a male following of all age groups, so it should do moderate theatrical and video business in North America.

Core, acting as his own cinematographer, shoots the hard-nosed football action close to the trenches to catch all the painful hits. Costumes, sets and decor strongly evoke the '70s along with music coming from radios, while Mark Isham's score gets excited at all the right moments.

Based on the almost impossible-to-believe true story of South Philadelphia barkeep Vince Papale's bid to make the roster of his beloved Philadelphia Eagles, "Invincible" has victory on its mind -- starting with its title. The latest entry in Disney's ever-growing stable of triumphant sports movies ("The Rookie," "Glory Road"), pic nevertheless seldom feels canned or the result of a mass-production assembly line. Although Giants fans may not like reliving one of their most ignominious days, aud appeal of this PG-rated inspirer should be wide and deep, cashing in on football fever just before the NFL season opens.

I couldn't agree more with the review at Variety. Sooner or later we may just have to create a new genre titled 'Triumphant Sports Movie.'

Invincible opens to theatres on August 25th.

For the trailer, poster, interviews, stills and more movie info, go to the Invincible Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of Touchstone Pictures.

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