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Another Ace Ventura?

Published August 15, 2006 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of repsective holders.
Ace Ventura Ace Ventura
I am getting a major Dumb and Dumberer vibe here. It looks like Morgan Creek is looking to cash in on Ace Ventura by creating another installment that will feature Ace and a younger persona.

Can Carrey still do the hair?

One More Ace Venture

According to THR, Morgan Creek has already made the first steps to get a third Ace Ventura installment into production.

The production company has hired Jeff Sank and brothers Jason and Justin Heimberg to write a third installment of the hit franchise Ace Ventura. The two previous Ventura comedies -- 1994's Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and the following year's Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls -- grossed more than $180 million domestically and helped establish Jim Carrey as one of the highest-paid comedy actors in Hollywood.

The studio also succeeded at convincing kids to talk with their ass, pull the trigger with aid of a plunger, drive with head out of the window and all sorts of other antics.

"Make sure that you do. If I was drinking from the toilet I might have been killed."

The latest pet project is expected to center on the eccentric detective's son, who steps into his father's shoes to take over the family business.

Ace Ventura might have the legs for a third installment, but would Jim Carrey, a guy who has recently succeeded in more dramatic roles, return to the franchise if not obligated?

Stay tuned for updates.

Before Jim Carrey jumped from In Living Color to film the striving actor had some big dreams. While looking over Hollywood in his pos, Carrey wrote himself a check for $10 million and dated it for Thanksgiving 1995. In the memo he put "for acting services rendered."

Jim Carrey's father died in 1994. Carrey put the check in his late father's pocket while he lay in his coffin. A promise from son to father.

It turns out Carrey was pessimistic in his numbers. By 1995 he had Ace Ventura, The Mask and Dumb & Dumber. Though Carrey had hoped for a salary of $10 million per film, his asking price was already approaching $20.
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Ryan Parsons
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