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Kristin Bell's Movie Transition

Published August 11, 2006 in Movie Interviews
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of The Weinstein Company.
Pulse- Kristin Bell Kristin Bell in Pulse
Now that films are losing their actors to superior television projects, you’d think Hollywood would be pillaging the airwaves for new stars. It’s not quite that simple. Though Kristen Bell is a hit on TV’s Veronica Mars, she still has to fight for a film.

Pulse with Kristin Bell

“I certainly had a chance at a lot of awesome scripts,” she said. “I think I’m put into the category of more of a short list, which I’m very happy to be on. With Pulse though, I read it and liked it, but what I didn’t know was that Bob had already approached my agent about it and wanted me to read it to see what I felt about it. Because he wanted to case me, so I didn’t have to do anything for this one which is really lucky I think. I don’t think that really happens [regularly] until much further down the line than I am.”

As a young actress, horror scripts are de rigeur, but the remake of Japanese horror film Kira stood out to Bell. “I thought it was smarter than a lot of the other ones I read. I thought that it was actually using something that is very real and very tangible to all of us, because everyone is always hooked up to their cell phone or always grabbing some sort of PDA or something. As opposed to just dealing with: the murderer is out there somewhere or the ghost is in the closet. It was a much different plot line than I was used to hearing and I liked to do something different.”

In Pulse, monsters come out of our Wi-Fi signals to wreak havoc on earth. Now that Bell has survived her horror film, she’s open to more. “A lot of the questions I’ve dealt with today have been about the horror genre and what I feel about it and when I read a script I truly don’t feel that I look at it like, ‘Oh, I don’t want to do a horror movie.’ I want to read as much as I possibly can and some of it’s going to be bad and some of it’s going to be good. I can think I want a certain type of part, but it’s only until I read the actual project. There may be a fairly normal role that’s in an unbelievable script that [I say], ‘I want to be a part of that project.’ Or there may be a script that’s good and an unbelievable role and I think, ‘I gotta play that role.’ And I don’t really look at it like a genre or um, I mean, yeah. I mean, after my eighth horror movie, I’ll probably want to do a romantic comedy, but that day will come.”

It’s hard when the writing of her daily Veronica Mars scripts are superior to most of the films sent her way. “I mean, Veronica Mars is just so stellar to begin with that the writing is just so tight. Part of that also comes because that’s a team that’s been working together a long time and they know each other. They know the characters dead on and I think film is a little bit more experimental in that you could bring a film to me as a writer and I could say, ‘What if you had the male character be a little more like this?’ And you could say, ‘Oh, that ads something.’ There is not room for that in Veronica Mars because it’s such a tight run ship. So, it’s different. I think I read a script with all possibilities in mind. If I really like it, maybe you have an open mind enough to call the writer and say, ‘What about this? This would make it better.’ You know what I mean? I mean there is all types of different qualities. I go a lot on recommendations of what my friends and what people in the business recommend to me.”

Pulse was recently pushed to August 11th.

For the trailers, movie stills and more movie info, go to the Pulse Movie Page.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of The Weinstein Company.

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