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Learn The Ground Truth

Published August 8, 2006 in Movie Previews
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Focus Films.
Focus Films has sent over the assets for their upcoming Iraq documentary The Ground Truth and, though one would wonder when documentaries such as this would slow, the film looks pretty well developed. Taking a slightly different approach to the war, the film interviews the soldiers on the front and back at home. Personally, I have had a bad taste in my mouth ever since Loose Change; a film that has burned me out on 'documentaries' for a while. My biggest issue is how biased or one-sided these films can become.

Not to pander off the path, but many of the documentaries I have watched lately do contain errors. I am not talking Michael Moore errors either, just small little details that seem to have little proof or foundation. Take Loose Change for instance. While explaining that it was the US government who blew up the twin towers we are told that steel does not melt until nearly 3,000 degrees. I ended up watching the History channel the following day and learned that aircraft steel is like a thin, boiling liquid it only 2,000 degrees. What gives? There were a ton of other little, uhh, conspiracy theories based on thin exaggerations.

But where was I?

The Ground Truth Poster, Trailer and Synopsis

Though I am not a fan of the use of the word 'truth' in any title to any documentary, The Ground Truth does give us another, honest, take on the war. The trailer looks cool and the people being interviewed look, well, passionate.

The Ground Truth stunned filmgoers at the 2006 Sundance and Nantucket Film Festivals. Hailed as “powerful” and “quietly unflinching,” Patricia Foulkrod’s searing documentary feature includes exclusive footage that will stir audiences. The filmmaker’s subjects are patriotic young Americans – ordinary men and women who heeded the call for military service in Iraq – as they experience recruitment and training, combat, homecoming, and the struggle to reintegrate with families and communities.

The Ground Truth Poster The Ground Truth Poster

The terrible conflict in Iraq, depicted with ferocious honesty in the film, is a prelude for the even more challenging battles fought by the soldiers returning home – with personal demons, an uncomprehending public, and an indifferent government. As these battles take shape, each soldier becomes a new kind of hero, bearing witness and giving support to other veterans, and learning to fearlessly wield the most powerful weapon of all – the truth.

The Ground Truth will have a limited release on September 15th.

For the trailer and more movie info, go to The Ground Truth Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Focus Films.

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