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A Deeper Look Inside Sin City - Part I

Published January 23, 2005 in MOVIE NEWS
By Ryan Parsons | Dimension Films
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This is Part I of a four part series, 'A Deeper Look Inside Sin City', that attempts to get inside the Sin City movie by covering all three graphic novels included in the film adaptation. Sin City, the movie, covers the original Sin City novel, plus The Big Fat Kill and That Yellow Bastard. The first book that will be covered is the original Sin City, which features the story about Marv, and his act of vengeance.

A Look Inside Sin City and Marv

First off, the Sin City trailer does a hell of a job portraying Marv. While reading the graphic novel, and witnessing the high contrast drawings, I can't believe how perfect Marv [Mickey Rourke] looks for the Sin City film. He even sounds how I expected, even though I thought Marv may of had an even dopier voice.

If you have seen the Sin City trailer, you basically get an introduction to Marv and his situation with the introduction of the film [will the Marv story dominate the film?]. If you couldn't get the jist of Marv, here is a brief summary of the 'event' that surrounds Marv's story:

  • Sin City begins with Marv making love to a girl named Goldie. Marv immediately falls in love with her and can't understand how some one as good as she can fall for some one like him.
  • Marv wakes up to find Goldie dead. Some one had snuck into their room and killed her while he slept. Marv is ashamed, and blames himself for drinking too much [as a reason why he didn't wake up].
  • The scene ends with 'Whoever killed you is going to pay, Goldie.'
  • Marv later receives the help of Goldie's twin sister, Wendy [Jaime King], to help exact revenge

  • So this begins the story of Marv, a ruthless killer who does have a soft spot for women. While Marv is more than willing to commit barbaric acts on men, he would not dare hurt a lady. Marv even mentions a few occasions where he beats up, or kills, a guy for treating a woman 'improperly'. Because of this, there are women who appreciate Marv and owe him a bit of gratitude. Marv is un-proportionally large and worn with battles and brawls, giving him a look most women would not find attractive. Hence, this is why Marv is surprised to be with Goldie [a girl he considers an angel] at the beginning of the story.

    Sin City There is a lot of graphic drawings, including nudity, within Sin City.

    A Look Into Marv

    Marv, like almost every character in Sin City, is no full-time hero. Instead, his chivalry arises on a given occasion. And, like a lot of other Sin City characters, his bravery can be compared to insanity. Marv realizes that the death of his love, Goldie [played by Jaime King], is in connection with the most powerful family name that also heads up Sin City, Roark. Roark hid his sin behind the mask of God, as a man of the cloth. However, Roark was connected to people such as the character Kevin. Kevin found enjoyment in kidnapping 'whores' and eating portions of them while they were still alive. When Kevin ate the girl to death, he would mount her head on his wall.

    Sound brutal? Well, that isn't even the beginning. The hero of the book, Marv, is on a quest for vengeance against those who killed the woman he loved, Goldie. Marv would use every brutal tactic he knew in order to extract information from injured foes. Marv is no stranger to torture either, as he doesn't mind giving it or receiving it. In one instance, Marv places tourniquets on a guy's limbs and proceeds to saw all of his arms and legs off. When the guy under question still refuses to talk, Marv lets a wild dog eat him alive [Marv, however, keeps the head]. So, Marv is no angel in any sense. But, for the story of Marv in Sin City, his whole purpose is to act as the left hand of God [not literally] and serve punishment to all those involved in the murder of Goldie.

    Aspects to Sin City

    Sin City Marv may have some problems. But, in Sin City, there are much worse.
    Judging by the first to novels I read, you are most likely going to hear me say this for every part of this look inside Sin City-- The Sin City movie can be seen as a risk for a film as it does not follow any conventional movie formula. Things do not turn out well for all characters, even your favorites. Some of the parts are just down right depressing or, at least, disturbingly shocking. 'Beautiful women' get killed just as quickly, or brutally, as the key culprits in the story. If you think your hero for the story is going to walk off in the sunset, think again. In Sin City, things never seem to turn out OK for anybody.

    While this fact may bother some, the story of Marv could just be one of the instrumental steps in creating an all time classic film. Do viewers like always seeing the main character walk away unscathed, or do they want to see something disturbingly real. Being a hero, even for an instant, is a hard job that has life consequences [such as loss of life]; consequences that seem to affect Marv in the most negative of ways. By the end of Marv's story, you understand that he may not fit the standard 'hero' formula, but you still root for him along the way and pity him at the end.

    The only complaint I have has nothing to do with the story, but the use of grammar. I'm not sure if this is the standard [and I'm beginning to think it isn't after reading That Yellow Bastard] writing style of graphic novels, but there seemed to be a lot of missing commas and periods amongst a lot of the descriptions and dialogue. Maybe this was the style Miller was going for, it is just that run-on sentences can cause me to pause and re-take a look at a sentence to really understand what is being said. Other than that complaint, I appreciated the story, as it was different, graphic, disturbing, and somehow fulfilling. From the beginning of the novel you discover there is no way your character can win, but some how Marv gets you as close as he can.


    For further info, check out the Sin City Movie
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    Ryan Parsons
    Sources: Dimension Films

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