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Hilary Swank Does Comic-Con

Published July 27, 2006 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of WireImage.
Hilary Swank Hilary Swank
You don’t expect to see too many Oscar winners at a comic book convention, let alone two-time Academ Award winner Hilary Swank. But her new film, The Reaping, is a horror movie tailor made for that audience, so she came to the show to premiere the trailer.

Hilary Swank Talks Comic Con and The Reaping

“I love Comic-Con because I like to go anywhere where people are passionate and have opinions,” she said in a press interview following the presentation. “There’s nothing wishy-washy about being here. People here really have an opinion about movies and are loyal to what they love.”

Yeah, Hilary, but the ones that dress up are kind of scary. “I don’t find the people scary. They like what they do and it’s just a convention that they’re going to for fun and to be entertained.”

Nice save. In The Reaping, Swank plays a miracle debunker on a case in Louisiana. Going through her own crisis of faith due to the loss of her child, things don’t get better when she can’t quickly disprove the supernatural goings on.

“There were a lot of elements about this movie that I liked. One was that I’d never seen a movie like it. I couldn’t pinpoint anything else that reminded me of it. It’s a supernatural thriller, there’s scary elements, but it’s scary because it could have happened, like back in Biblical days. It’s dramatic, it has religious undertones, and the analogies to life for me, like things aren’t always what they seem and how I make quick judgments on things or experiences or people and always trying to remain open. I loved how she had such a strong belief in something and she lost her faith because of something that happened to her and how she regains her faith through the film because of things that happen that she can’t answer. I found it all really intriguing. I thought about it after I finished the script I kept thinking about it.”

There’s a reason she keeps winning Oscars. She does her research. “I did a lot of reading. [Director] Stephen [Hopkins] gave me a lot of books and a lot of literature. I think the most interesting thing was the publication Skeptical Enquirer and meeting him. He was fascinating and so smart and really believed what he writes about and he thinks and there’s a lot of different ways in life. There’s a lot of different ways to live life there’s a lot of different ways to go about life and I think allowing people the freedom to have their own beliefs, as long as they don’t hurt anybody, I think that’s an important part of living. And I think celebrating people and our differences is really important.”

Then working with a kid like AnnaSophia Robb teaches her not to get too caught up in her head. “What you realize is sometimes you could over-think things and it’s nice to see someone young who hasn’t lived a long life and has specific ideas of how something should be. She’s just really in the moment and free and playing and you go, ‘Oh right, that’s what it’s about.’ It’s a good reminder.”

The Reaping opens to theatres on November 8th.

For the trailer and movie info, go to The Reaping Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of WireImage.

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