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Interesting Halo News

Published July 15, 2006 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Bungie.
Halo Halo takes a hit.
After all the rumors about Denzel Washington having a part in Halo we do have some strange, but seemingly factual, news about the upcoming adaptation.

New Halo Script

Remember that script review for Halo that claimed the screenplay was excellent (here)? Well, it turns out that Bungie and the rest of the gang are not entirely happy with it. OK, OK, that would be putting things lightly. According to a recent interview with scribe DB Weiss, Bungie, Fox and Universal are having a second screenplay written for the film.


After the rave review, I can admit that I am just as shocked as everybody else over this piece of news. During the interview with DB Weiss, who claims he is definitely working on a second draft for Halo, GameSetWatch decided to ask how far along the writer was. What did he say?

How far along with the screenplay are you?

Just starting in on an entirely new second draft.

Please excuse me while I go throw up on my Xbox. Check out the entire interview with DB Weiss HERE.

After the rumor began to circulate about the possibility of Denzel Washington playing the role of Master Chief in Halo, a person was kind enough to write in to AICN and explain why that is most likely not going to happen.

A few days later, the rumours started doing the rounds that he was, in fact, there to talk to Peter Jackson about starring in HALO. Now, I should point out that I don't have any definitive proof that Washington won't be in HALO, but I do know the following points: (a) I spoke to someone who saw first-hand Washington hanging out with Richard Taylor at the Park Road post-production facilities; (b) the Weta design team doesn't have much to do on HALO at the moment because Bungie is in control of the design elements; and (c) point b is important because the Master Chief will not be removing his helmet at any point during the film. Can you see Denzel Washington signing up for a film where he won't be seen at any point?

Master Chief won't ever take off his helmut; hot damn he must have a stinky head! I thought I heard that the original script did mention the removal of the helmet once or twice. We are far beyond the whole Washington rumor anyway... we think he will make a great Sergeant Johnson though (here).

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Bungie.

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