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The Groomsmen Get Mixed

Published July 13, 2006 in Early Reviews
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Bauer Martinez Distribution.
The Groomsmen Poster The Groomsmen Poster
Edward Burns claims that he now digs directing, but the mixed reviews may speak louder than words for his latest project, The Groomsmen.

The Groomsmen Reviews

In one week's time Paulie (Ed Burns) will be married to his beautiful fiancée, Sue (Brittany Murphy). She's about to have a baby. But with his four groomsmen getting together for one last week of extended adolescence before the big day, it's Paulie that is going to have to grow up, something that guys find hard to do.

Though the reviews have been more on the negative, a couple do at least claim it is Burns' best yet.

The early promise in actor-filmmaker Edward Burns' 1995 Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner, the family comedy-drama "The Brothers McMullen" -- a promise long delayed by fitful and often failed attempts to mine similar terrain -- finally bears fruit in "The Groomsmen," his best film yet. It has all the hallmarks of his movies -- small budget ($3.2 million), off-the-beaten-path New York locations and a story revolving around men, often family members or best buddies, stymied in their relationships with women.

The best thing here is the natural acting by the ensemble. Nothing feels forced or false. Every actor knows his or her role inside out. These are realistic, believable characters in all-too-real situations that do spring up before weddings. Throw in a soundtrack of rock standards and warm homes in such a livable community, made all the more enticing by designer Dina Goldman and cinematographer William Rexer II, and you have a film that makes "feel good" respectable again.

Four thirtyish groomsmen, who grew up together in a close-knit suburban Long Island neighborhood, socialize for a few days with the imminent husband-to-be in Ed Burns' latest riff on middle-class male immaturity, "The Groomsmen." Burns' always impressive sense of place lends authenticity to the pals' perambulations, and the stellar cast brings a welcome overabundance of personality to regrettably one-note roles. Fans may herald "Groomsmen" as a return to classic Burns' McMullen form but, for the general public, the writer-helmer may have gone to this well one time too often to expect better than lackluster returns.

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The Groomsmen has a limited release tomorrow, July 14th.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Bauer Martinez Distribution.

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