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No Transformers for Duncan

Published July 9, 2006 in Movie Scoops
By Fred Topel | Image property of WireImage.
Michael Clarke Duncan Michael Clarke Duncan
Despite trade reports of his casting, Michael Clarke Duncan told Canmag that he will not be appearing in the Transformers movie, despite being a Michael Bay regular. “Everybody’s been asking me about that,” Duncan said. “I’m not doing it.”

Transformers Not For Duncan

It wasn’t for lack of trying though. “Believe me, trust me when I say I wanted to do that movie. I’m a big kid at heart. I watched Transformers. That was one of my favorite cartoons. Optimus Prime was one of my favorite characters and to be head of a Navy SEAL team going in and fighting thse gigantic robots would have been perfect. But it was oil and water. It just did not mix and I wanted to. Me and Michael Bay talked but we were on two different pages. And I told him, ‘It’s really sad because you know I’m coming to do good work. You already know that. You’re not going to have an actor come in there that gets high, doesn’t know his work. You know that I’m coming to do good work.’ But we just couldn’t get it together. Believe me, that was one that I really wanted to do.”

Still, there are no hard feelings between Duncan and Bay. “Oh yeah, no, let me clear it up right now. Michael is my action director. If he’s up for anything, I vote for him. When he wants me to do something, he can call me and say, ‘Michael, I got a project for you.’ I will drop everything to go work for Michael Bay because I know him. He’s the nicest guy, even though he hollers and he bitches and all that, he’s like that little Chihuahua underneath. That’s the way Michael Bay is.”

Transformers opens on July 4th, 2007.

For more movie info, go to the Transformers Movie Page.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of WireImage.

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