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The Best Superhero Movies

Published July 3, 2006 in Movie Fun
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of Warner Bros.
Superman Returns Superman Returns still has to grow on people.
Since we are enjoying the Fourth of July holiday the news has been limited. I have therefore found a couple of fun-slash-interesting articles to keep our readers interest. That is, if you are not already in a drunken haze; which is no doubt understandable.

Take this update for instance -- Top 10 Superhero Movies (including the five worst).

Top Superhero Movies

With the release of Superman Returns, MSN has recently put up their own list of the top ten superhero/comic book movies of all time. As an added bonus, the site lists their five worst as well.

3. Spider-Man (2002) Fans had been waiting a loooong time for their friendly neighborhood web-slinger to make it to the multiplex, and after several false starts (and one forgettable TV movie), Sam Raimi finally gave them what they wanted and then some. When news that Tobey Maguire had been cast as Peter Parker -- the unlucky lad who gets bitten by a radioactive arachnid and finds that with great power comes great responsibility -- folks scratched their heads; now, it's hard to think of anyone else playing the popular hero who can catch thieves just like flies. The film isn't without a few minor faults -- why would you hire Willem Dafoe as the arch-nemesis Green Goblin and then hide his expressive face behind an immobile mask -- but Raimi captures the vulnerability, confusion and sense of humanity that's made the comic one of the best-selling titles of all time.

One reason I love MSN's report is the fact that there are spots where I can completely AGREE and then completely DISAGREE. The original X-Men is the best comic book film ever? How is that possible considering that the sequel was so much better?

Catwoman is not the worst comic book adaptation ever? OK, OK, Batman & Robin and Daredevil are rough, but are they really worse than Halle Berry's CGI incarnation? Come on!

I do like their positioning of Batman Begins; a film I have only come to truly appreciate in the last month. How did the film get ranked?

Check out MSN to find out!

Happy Fourth of July holiday!

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of Warner Bros.

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