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Fourth Spider-Man 3 Villain is...

Published June 28, 2006 in Movie Scoops
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Marvel.
Mysterio Mysterio
Now that the teaser trailer for Spider-Man 3 has confirmed what we were originally hoping eight months ago and assuming for the last four or five on villian choice, there is still one villain left to go. After the announcement that there will likely be a fourth villain fans returned to the earlier predictions of Black Cat or The Lizard. Though Dr. Conner's is getting suspiciously close to his lab and Black Cat was first considered as romantic interest to Peter Parker, the villain is neither; at least, according to the latest blog report.

Spider-Man 3 Villain- Mysterio

Ever since the cameo role by Bruce Campbell in the first Spider-Man film, fans of both Sam Raimi and Campbell began to assume that one day we will most likely see the cult actor get upgraded to the role of villain. According to filmick, Spider-Man 3 will be Campbell's big moment.

The extra villain that everybody has been speculating about makes only a fleeting appearance, and then only in a very off-hand but amusing way. Bruce Campbell's character this time around is Quentin Beck - known to fans of the comic as Mysterio. Again, don't take this as set-up for a subsequent film, but if anybody ever does put Mysterio in a film and NOT cast Bruce Campbell, they'll have hell to pay.

Warning: the blog gives away further details from Spider-Man 3 that are very spoiler-ish. If you do not want to have the movie ruined for you, I highly suggest you stick with the info above and avoid reading the entire report. Trust me, it will make you sick.

So, it looks like Quentin 'Mysterio' Beck will be the fourth villain for Spider-Man 3.

Here is a little of what you can expect from Mysterio according to Wikipedia:

Quentin Beck was an expert designer of special effects devices and stage illusions, a master hypnotist and prestidigitator, and an amateur chemist and roboticist. He had extensive knowledge of hand-to-hand combat techniques learned as a stuntman but didn't otherwise possess superhuman abilities. His personal weaponry included a one-way plexiglass helmet with holographic projector and gloves and boots armed with nozzles which emit hallucinogenic gas. He did have some more advanced technology (not of his own design) at his disposal.

Spider-Man 3 comes to theatres on May 4th, 2007.

For the latest Spider-Man 3 info, go to the Spider-Man 3 Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Marvel.

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