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The New Lois Lane

Published June 25, 2006 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Warner Bros.
Superman Returns Kate Bosworth is Lois Lane
Much hoopla has been made about a virtual unknown stepping into the role of Superman, but perhaps even more controversial was casting a blonde Lois Lane. Of course, Kate Bosworth dyed her hair for the film, and in fact has sported dark locks before. But hair was a big deal.

Kate Bosworth Talks Superman Returns

“Bryan [Singer] didn’t even recognize me,” Bosworth said. “It was so funny because we were doing different hair tests and I came in and stood next to him and he didn’t even recognize me for a good couple of minutes. Then as soon as someone said, ‘Kate wants to talk to you’ he said, ‘Oh, I didn’t even know it was you.’ So that was an interesting reaction. It said I looked very different, I suppose. It’s exciting. I love changing my look for films. It’s why I love being an actress is that you can be different people and change your look. It’s exciting.”

Brandon Routh based his Superman very much on Christopher Reeve, and likewise Bosworth looked to Margot Kidder in the same film. “Certainly I think every little girl loves Lois Lane, but for me, it was really from Richard Donner’s film. I saw that when I was about six or seven, and it had already come about because I hadn’t been born when it was originally released. I don’t even think I was a glint in my parents’ eye. But I remember watching it and it’s a magical film and Superman is magical.”

Things are a bit tougher for the modern Lois. In Superman’s five year absence, she took a mortal husband. “It’s funny you know because I wish I could speak eloquently and clearly on love, but I don’t think it’s really anything that someone can have the answers to. I think that everyone in life understands that there’s no reason to the heart, really. Superman is her great love. And as much as you try to push that away or if you’re hurt by that person or confused by them or disappointed, there’s no denying what you feel in your heart, and that might be the denial that you see on the surface.”

We also find out that Lois has won a Pullitzer prize for writing an article about why the world doesn’t need Superman. This is a far cry from the schoolgirl crush of Margot Kidder. “I think the article was born out of hurt and anger for feeling abandoned so I think it was the idea may have been born out of that place but it morphed into something more thoughtful in that it’s an interesting question to pose. If we really did have a super hero in the world would it be better to have him or not? Is it better to have someone take care of our problems or is it better for us to be self reliant and know how to take care of them ourselves? It’s a debate and I think that’s the question she was posing and I think her argument for why the world doesn’t need superman is that she thinks the world should be self sufficient and not rely on anyone else to save us. We should save ourselves.”

Superman Returns opens to theatres on June 28th.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Warner Bros.

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