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Platoon Special Edition DVD

Published June 24, 2006 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image from Amazon.
Platoon Platoon
Originally, MGM was just going to release this as one of their many attempts to cash in on the few valuable titles in their library. Now that it’s released under Sony, perhaps they’ll let this be the definitive version of Platoon. Assuming this is all the remaining deleted scenes, it’s the last remaining footage I need to see.

Platoon SE DVD Review

New deleted scenes include Charlie Sheen taking a hit in a coming of age/initiation moment, an Apocalypse Now-esque dream sequence, ;ost more war philosophy, a litttle more Johnny Depp and even some battlefield action..

It’s all of the same quality as the film. We know Oliver Stone had a lot to say about Vietnam and war in general, and this is more of it. Presented in respectable restored quality with a few authentic film dirt specs, it’s like a time capsule to Stone’s 1986 editing room.

Listening to Stone’s commentary on the scenes are more like his diary of the war. They’re all still based on what he went through, though he still thinks about them as a filmmaker.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image from Amazon.

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