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Van Damme vs Jackie Chan?

Published June 23, 2006 in Movie Rumors
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Columbia Pictures.
Van Damme Jackie Chan said to leave the gun at home...
Here is an interesting, and somewhat humorous, movie rumor to kick off the weekend.

Jean-Claude Van Damme in Rush Hour 3?

A recent thread has appeared on the IMDB website that claims Jean-Claude Van Damme, the kick master himself, will have a role in Rush Hour 3. Since he matches Jackie Chan's specs, there is a chance the two will wind up kicking one another.

In an interview on British TV, JCVD told one of the presenters that he's going to be in a film with Jackie Chan, he didn't say which one, but it's pretty obvious what it is. He also said filming will be done in his country - so guess JCVD made it in the movie. Besides JCVD isn't that tall so they kinda match in height.

This is obviously just a rumor posted by a random thread, but it does give me a few chuckles thinking of the return of Van Damme to a film that doesn't go straight to video

Want a few more laughs? Continue below...

I guess Van Damme recently heard the news and decided to boogie in uncontained excitement.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Columbia Pictures.

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