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Superman Is a Liberal?

Published June 22, 2006 in Movie Fun
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Warner Bros.
Superman Returns Superman Returns
First we were told that there was a possibility that Superman was gay (read here). Next we were told that Superman represented Jesus Christ (read here); another Aslan by chance? And now we are being told that Superman is a big-time liberal.

Since I am going to see Superman Returns tonight, I might as well have some fun with this one.

Superman Leans Left

According to a very interesting, and humorous, report over at the CarolinaJournal, Superman is definitely a lefty; if you know what I mean. How did they come to such a brash conclusion? Well, he is a reporter for one...

Superman, on the other hand, is a liberal, albeit of the 1930s variety. A newspaper reporter (I could rest my case there), his alter ego Clark Kent is constantly investigating the business titans of Metropolis and second-guessing the clueless police department. His nemesis is ultimately revealed to be the evil Lex Luthor, like Wayne an industrialist and defense contractor.

Another clue to Superman’s implicit politics is that he is just too darn powerful. The character began life as a strong, fast young man who could “leap tall buildings with a single bound.” Before long, however, he was flying around (inexplicably), burning things with his eyes, freezing things with his breath, and getting pretty close to invulnerable. It seems that Superman’s powers, like those of the federal government during FDR’s New Deal, just wouldn’t be kept within rational bounds. Kryptonite, a creation of the Superman radio show rather than the comic book, was a kind of a cheat; it gave him an apparent vulnerability, but it was really about as challenging as Wendell Willkie.

Like another liberal character of the time, the Green Lantern, Superman began to meddle in the interplanetary politics of his day without ever being elected by anyone he purported to represent. Still, Clark Kent, particularly in his earlier days as Superboy in Smallville, Kansas (to be dramatized this fall in anew television series on the WB), reflects traditional small-town American values.

The article ended just before it began giving evidence that could give reason to suspect Superman as a conservative. Who would be a conservative you ask? Bruce Wayne (Batman) of course...

Check out the entire article over at CarolinaJournal.

Maybe we will begin guessing Jack Sparrow's political affiliation next.

Superman Returns will fly into theatres on June 28th.

For movie clips, movie stills, the trailers, TV spots, early review, movie info and synopsis, go to the Superman Returns Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Warner Bros.

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