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Iron Man Set for 2008

Published June 21, 2006 in Movie Scoops
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
Iron Man Iron Man
Here is a brief update for all of you keeping track of Iron Man. Jon Favreau has been answering various questions over at his official Iron Man blog over on MySpace and a couple answers do have some importance.

Jon Favreau Blogs Iron Man

Thanks to an alert over at SHH, we have been notified that Jon Favreau has begun to give some additional details away over at his Iron Man blog.

What's the big news? Well, the biggest detail to come out of the blog (so far) is that Favreau is planning on having Iron Man in theatres by May of 2008. If he plans to achieve this goal, we can expect production to begin some time during the summer of 2007. I know, still a ways away; but at least we are making progress.

Favreau has also released other bits of information over at the Blog, so, if you are a MySpace user (do non-Myspacers still exist?), sign in and begin asking your own questions.

For all of Favreau's answers, head on over to MySpace.

As of right now, expect Iron Man in theatres May, 2008.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
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