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Click Cameos

Published June 19, 2006 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Images property of Sony Pictures.
Click Poster Click Poster
Click of course has the usual crew of Adam Sandler cohort in the cameo roles. Sean Astin, Rob Schneider and Henry Winkler all appear. It is important to Sandler to keep all his friends close.

Adam Sandler Discusses Cameos in Click

“Did you recognize Rob right away or no?” Sandler asked of the tricky Click cameo. “Sometimes it's like they visit me on the set and then we say, 'Throw this hat on and say a line' but this one, I hang out with those guys all the time, so if we're doing a movie, I want to be around them and I try to write them something funny. I ask with a little bit of a threatening tone to it, like, 'Would you like to be in my movie' and stare 'em down and they say 'Yes,' because I'm bigger than them.”

In a slightly larger role, Sandler cast David Hasselhoff as his difficult boss. As a fan of all of Hasselhoff’s TV work, having him play Ammer was a thrill. “I loved Knight Rider growing up. Baywatch I enjoyed many nights. Baywatch is good to have a pause button on. Hasselhoff on Saturday Night Live, that's where I got to know the man. That's where I
thought he was a fun man to hang out with and a nice guy and I knew he would be funny as hell in this part.”

In the biggest supporting role, Christopher Walken plays the inventor of the magic remote control. “Every day was pretty enjoyable, watching The Walken. My favorite thing was introducing anybody to Walken, just the fear in everybody's eye when they're shaking Walken's hand, they don't know what's gonna happen. Walken's always very cordial. But people tend to be nervous around the man.”

Unfortunately, costar Kate Beckinsdale had less positive experiences with Walken. “You said 'cordial' and I wouldn't have immediately picked that word. I remember my daughter running into him in his costume by the crafts service table and coming back with like the whites of her eyes showing, 'I've seen a man that I don't like.' She actually really warmed to him.”

Click opens this weekend, June 23rd.

For the trailer, movie stills, more with Sandler, posters and movie info, go to the Click Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Images property of Sony Pictures.

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