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WTC Gets Torn Up

Published June 19, 2006 in Early Reviews
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of Paramount Pictures.
World Trade Center Poster World Trade Center Poster
Though the trailer for United 93 was thrown out of theatres, the overall response to the film was positive. Now it is time for the next 9/11 disaster film -- World Trade Center. Due out on August 9th, Paramount Pictures has begun to do extremely early screenings of the film and the response is pretty negative.

World Trade Center Screened

The good people over at AICN have recently received an early review for World Trade Center that claims the film is made for television. Ouch! What we do have to take into consideration, however, is that the reviewer saw a very early draft of the film that is supposedly due more effect shots and, probably more importantly, a real score. Since I dig composer Craig Armstrong -- his score for Plunkett & Macleane was sweet -- I would assume that the addition of his music could make a huge difference on the film.

But, for now, this is what we got.

I'm sorry to say, no matter what they do to it between now and then, I don't think they're gonna manage to turn it into an actual good movie.

It's strictly TV-movie-of-the-week level, this one. A bunch of decent actors flail around trying to say lines that no one should ever have to try to say with a straight face, and Oliver Stone directs the whole with a sort of plodding determination NOT to be provocative.

The real problem is the script. There were no credits attached to the movie yet, so I don't know if Stone wrote it himself, but the screenplay is just god-awful. Cliché after cliché, with some of the baldest exposition scenes ever, and one character after another basically having to speak out loud lines that are really more like comic book thought balloons.

Sounds pretty amazing right? Please mind the sarcasm and head on over to AICN for the entire report.

World Trade Center will open to theatres on August 9th.

For more movie info, full poster and the first movie stills, go to the World Trade Center Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of Paramount Pictures.

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