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Elektra Movie Review

Published January 15, 2005 in MOVIE REVIEW
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of 20th Century Fox
Elektra takes on many super-villains in the final fight.
I have recently had the pleasure of seeing the latest Marvel adaptation, Elektra. Now, I am sure you have already heard some early negative reports and I, sadly, have to agree with these reviews.

Fantastic Four Trailer

Before I jump into the review of Elektra, I got to shout out that I was able to see the first Fantastic Four trailer before the film. Ok, the trailer is pretty good, but very sporatic. You can tell that the Fantastic Four trailer was most likely hurried, without too much polish applied before 20th Century Fox quickly called it a wrap. It is extremely evident by the fact that there is little to no dialogue, and cheap looking headers [simple black and white fonts]. Other than that, I'm excited for things to come.

Elektra Premise

In Elektra, Jennifer Garner reprises her role as the Marvel comics heroine, a spin-off of Daredevil. If you saw Daredevil, Elektra dies at the end of the film by the hands of Bulls Eye. At the introduction monologue of Elektra, we discover that she was brought back [to life] by a special cult that represents the side of good. The fact that Elektra had died is the only [somewhat] connection back to Daredevil. The film never mentions how she dies, leaving the viewer to assume Daredevil.

The story revolves around two factions, each side representing good or evil. The good side enjoys wearing white and is lead by a blind guy named Stick [Terrance Stamp]. The evil side, also known as the 'hand', is an interesting mix. The evil side is consisted of almost all Asians as they operate out of a high rise that has Tokyo style elements applied to it.

After Elektra's revival by the side of good, she is permitted to stay with the group and train. She soon proves herself to be the most powerful of the students, but still has too much hate in her heart. Because of this, Stick makes the decision to boot her from the training camp so she can discover who she is on her own. However, Elektra quickly falls into the profession of assassin for hire. Let me tell you, this little lady enjoys her job.

Natassia Malthe plays as the smoking little temptress Typhoid Mary
The first scene of the film shows how Elektra works, as she easily mows down a security force and ruthlessly assassinates her target. It is then revealed later that their was only money in the target, and the destruction of the security force was unnecessary. So, to put it simple, this girl is a biatch. Soon after this assassination, Elektra is offered a new 'job' by her agent. Elektra sets out again to a location, but the target remains unidentified. While at the location, Elektra encounters a father [Goran Visnjic] and daughter [Kirsten Prout] who convince her to have some social events with them. Again, Elektra isn't the nicest person on the planet and isn't very keen on the offer; at least at the beginning. Soon after she develops this relationship, her target packet arrives instructing her to assassinate the father and daughter.

Elektra shows remorse and, instead, protects the father and daughter from further assassins. This protection continues through out the rest of the film. However, along the way Elektra realizes that this daughter is something special and is a 'chosen one' that has been predicted to balance the war between good and evil.

Elektra- The Movie

Elektra follows the standard comic book clichés but seems to spend its entire running just going through the motions rather than providing anything too exciting or too memorable. The most memorable fight wasn't even between Elektra and another super-villain, it was instead a fight between her and a ninja carrying a dart gun. Don't get me wrong, some of the characters were cool, but none of them had any dimension. Tattoo, the bad guy with the tattoos that come to life, was a cool idea as he uses his needle art to help him fight and conduct surveillance. However, there is nothing more to this character but animated tattoos. This goes the same for Typhoid Mary. Natassia Malthe is smoking hot as this character, but didn't offer much than a sexy style and a sexy walk. I can go down the list of the other super-villains and say the same thing for all of them. I know it is hard to do a comic adaptation with so many super characters on the plate [X-Men United pulled it off], but Rob Bowman [director] doesn't even seem to try to add anything to these characters besides abilities. People enjoy character driven movies too, why do you think the Spider-Man films have done so well.

Obviously, the film continues its course until the final showdown between Elektra and all the remaining super-villains. While this showdown does offer CGI sheets [I was hoping it to stop], it is not much of a finale for this film or any action film. In the end, the only thing I truly enjoyed was watching Jennifer Garner bounce around in fight scenes and Natassia Malthe with her hot ass "I need a spanking" look. Other than that, there is not that much to Elektra.

Final Judgment: First, I'm starting to get worried about Marvel adaptations, as their track record is beginning to sink. On that note, while Elektra strived to separate itself from Daredevil, it only succeeded by not mentioning Daredevil at all. Conversely, the two films both offer a similar pacing and the same emptiness among their characters. While there are enjoyable moments and cool looking villains in Elektra, the film falls short from being anything worth a second visit.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of 20th Century Fox

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