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Watching People Break-Up Is Not Always Fun

Published June 14, 2006 in Movie Reviews
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of Universal Pictures
The Break-Up Movie Poster The Break-Up Movie Poster
Coming off last summer's hit, Wedding Crashers, both Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson seemed unstoppable. Hell, even a few of the smaller actors in the film looked to have a solid future. Well, both Vaughn and Wilson are again being tested this summer and, again, have found themselves in the romantic genre. This time, however, the two must play off of female counterparts instead of one another; which could be trouble.

First up is Vince Vaughn and, well, it could have been better.

The Break-Up Review

You really can't blame Vince Vaughn for The Break-Up, the premise itself is a tough one. Unless you have once yourself been in these exaggerated positions with your (ex-)girlfriend, the film comes off more uncomfortable than it does funny.

Instead of jumping from one witty joke to the next, the film seems to saunter along without any sense of rhythm. Vince, who still comes off funny by the way, never has a chance to really explode on the scene and, like the film, seems troubled by the overall story.

You can't help but feel bad for Jennifer Aniston. The girl -- who definitely has the talent to make it big in film -- has been desperately seeking her first major hit without much luck. Sure, she may have gotten close with Bruce Almighty, but she still has yet to shine in the light.

The best way I can explain The Break-Up is like watching your roommate and his girlfriend fight. Watching the fight firsthand makes you feel uncomfortable but you are also ready to have a laugh about it later; usually with the same roommate. Unfortunately there will be many who only give The Break-Up one shot and just remain uncomfortable.

Up next is Owen Wilson in You, Me and Dupree.


Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of Universal Pictures

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