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More Early Eragon Impressions

Published June 6, 2006 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of 20th Century Fox
Eragon Poster Eragon Movie Poster
After posting some early Eragon trailer impressions over the weekend we have been alerted to a description of the footage shown for the film over at the London Exp.

Eragon Footage Impressions

The good people over at InsomniacMania were fortunate enough to check out some of the first video footage from Eragon over at the London Expo during the end of May. The site claims that the film looks pretty good (so far), though there weren't any real shots of Saphira just yet.

The teaser started with a voice over talking about a "time of legends" and "a land shrouded in darkness", and then introduced us to Edward Speleers as Eragon. In the footage we saw him receive his dragon egg, be told it will only open when it has a bond with its dragon rider, and Jeremy Iron's character telling him that he was a dragon rider.

There was hardly any effects shots shown (apparently because they are still making them!), but there were two extremely brief early effects shots of a dragon passing by the camera over head. You really couldn't see much apart from the outline of a seemingly blue Dragon flying extremely fast! In terms of an indication of how good it was, the audience cheered a little when the dragon flew past at the end, but there was still quite a few audience members who walked out as soon as it finished, so you can tell that although it wasn't bad, it was obviously still not quite amazing yet!

The report goes on to mention that 20th Century Fox is still taking the Lord of the Rings approach by not only introducing the film, but further mentioning that both Weta AND ILM are both working their asses off to create believable locations, battles, weapons, creatures and, most important of all, dragons. I still think the budget is too low for a film of this scale, but maybe WETA and ILM came as a package deal.

Well, you can always hope.

Check out the full report over at InsomniacMania.

Eragon comes to theatres on December 15th.

For the other teaser posters, production images, more movie info and a full synopsis, go to the Eragon Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of 20th Century Fox

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