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Swordfish HD DVD Review

Published June 5, 2006 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image from Amazon.
Swordfish Swordfish
Well, Hugh Jackman sure is well represented in HD-DVD. Both Universal and Warner Brothers chose a mediocre Jackman vehicle for their initial run of HD-DVD titles. But unlike Van Helsing, Swordfish has some beautiful visuals to show off.

Swordfish HD DVD Review

An HDTV like the JVC HD-56G786 loves movies like Swordfish. All the L.A. exteriors with the Michael Bay orange hue absolutely glow from the screen, as do fiery explosions.

Shot on location in Los Angeles, Swordfish makes the open canyons and sandy deserts look like The Discovery Channel in HD. A nighttime car chase has the pavement glistening and yes, Ms. Berry’s naked body is flawless, and HD-DVD allows a perfect freeze frame.

Even duller moments shine in HD. A police interrogation room or industrial elevator radiates green like The Matrix. Hacking scenes lit by a computer screen show a nice selection of colors on the actor’s face.

The bullet time explosion looks a bit awkward, as if the HD format and display show the seams of the extended CGI shot. But when it cuts back to a real close-up on the aqua blue-green shards of glass, you’re back in HDTV heaven.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image from Amazon.

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